An Evening of Music to Light the World

Come join us for a night of music, fun and community presented by the CCL Singers and solo artists from the Center for Creative Living. The proceeds raised from this concert will benefit the Center. Cost is $15 for one of $25 for 2.
What are you supporting? Here is their mission statement:
“We proclaim and affirm the spiritual nature of all faiths, religions and creeds. Our vision is to co-create spiritual communities of love, trust, integrity, and mutual respect which embrace our diversity, celebrate the oneness of the human spirit, serve the well-being of the human family and honor the sanctity of all creation.”

The Choir Co-Directors are Kat Silas and Anne Corbin. Choir members include Ayleen Augustine, Carolyn Keyes, Laura Marshall, Corky Whitacre, Norma Hughes, Cheryl Lewis, Christine Milly, Glen Singer, David Yeomans, and Paul Lyons We also have wonderful musicians, such as Ronnie Grigsby, Janet Childs, Sean M. Imler and more.

For more information on the Center for Creative Living, see their FB page:

I hope to see you on Saturday evening.

Reverend Anne Corbin, Th.B.



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