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Presidents Message

Reverend Sandy Clark, D.D.

November 2012

Rev Sandy Clark Final 8 14 2012

I have recently been reminded of some old lessons I thought I had worked through but as we know we are only able to get in touch and let go of part of them. Sometimes a bigger chunk more than others, but we keep getting the opportunity to give it another go so to speak. I like to say that is what life is all about. No time table, we have a lifetime.

I was quite mad at myself because I had found myself in a place I thought I had already worked through. It is easy to get sucked back in. I have always felt it was spirits way of asking “did I really want to let go of my old beliefs.”

The good part of my story is that I recognized what had happened (well to be truthful the recognition came after being hit on the head by a two by four) and have been able to stop that backward, to me, motion. The difficult part now, is that I am in new territory, and learning how to walk again!

I know I am not the only one in this situation. With the changes in energy surrounding all of us, we are all learning to walk again.

May all our baby steps become giant leaps of Faith.

In Light and Love,


The Era of 2012and the Age of Inner TransformationRichard Jelusich

By Reverend Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

It is the era of 2012; the time of the Inner Transformation. As the advanced teachings of ancient cultures like the Mayans, there really is an alignment to the Galactic Center and periodic alignments of planets, solar systems and galaxies do induce the transformation of consciousness to a higher state of being.

It really is true that you are a luminous being of light who also possesses a physical presence. It really is true that December 21st is the end of a 5115 year cycle, a 26,000 year cycle, and a 62 million year cycle. It really is true that you and 7 billion of your fellow spirits have incarnated in this era to participate in the mass inner transformation to a higher state of being that is very little like the reality we are experiencing now.

It is true that there is a photon belt and a huge magnetic bubble that our solar system is approaching. It is true that increased magnetic fields induce greater mental acuity, memory and psychic abilities. It is true that advanced human civilization goes back more than 6,000 years, to many millions of years in the past. Yet many in the U.S. believe the Earth to be only 6,000 years old.

It is true that we are experiencing more rapid growth in the past 60 years than we have in the past 600 years.

Where is the 2012 era headed?

A birth is not without some kind of labor pains, and the newness of one’s birth is like nothing that came before. As we appear to be approaching the limits of our abilities to absorb and integrate information in our minds, so also there are many distractions because of our information era as well. We are IN the golden age: it is transpiring as we speak.

The 2012 era is not apocalyptic or catastrophic. It is not the movie actor John Cusak heading for the Himilayas to get on the arc in the face of impending tsunamis and massive earthquakes. It is not the end of the world, magnetic pole reversal, solar flares and E.T.’s.

2012 is indeed about earthquakes, but they are earthquakes of your mind, not the planet. The ancients, who were you, knew about the cyclicalities and periodicities of space/time. They understood their luminous nature and that in the physical dimension there would be certain alignments of planets, solar systems and galaxies that would be ‘punctuated equilibrium’: moments in space/time that would facilitate a rise in consciousness, IF the people were focused on their true spiritual nature, and not only on the physical dimension.

Read More

Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

Trustee, UCM

Dr. Jelusich is an author, teacher, gifted intuitive and spiritual energy healer, experienced international speaker, and ordained Reverend, who has produced 22 episodes of Metaphysics 101 for educational television. Dr. Jelusich has developed a powerfully transformational 18 level, Spiritual Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being program, teaching students in Canada and the U.S. A core faculty member at the California Institute for Human Science, Dr. Jelusich teaches the following courses: Karma and Reincarnation, Spirituality and Consciousness, and Psychology of the Chakras (based on his books, Eye of the Lotus, and I Can Relate). To learn more about Dr. Jelusich and his work visit www.lightnews.org

Feeling Resistance to Change?By Minister Maryellen DeVineMin Maryellen DeVine

Haven’t you noticed lots of change happening lately?

It seems to me that so many of us are evolving. Feeling “What’s the next step?” or being drawn to some next step. That’s been true for me too. I’ve been working on a new program I’m offering, worked with a graphic artist to create the new banner for the Angelic Journeys website, and did a re-design of the site. That has been a very powerful and creative process.

These have all been exciting changes for me, yet change can make us uncomfortable sometimes. Sometimes we notice that we are resisting, or perhaps the change truly is a difficult one to go through. In the spirit of this, I thought I’d give you a sample Angelic EFT tapping script for dealing with change.

If you are unfamiliar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), you can start by watching a short video to learn how to “tap”. (Click here to watch)

Here is a script of statements you can use to tap with on the subject of dealing with change. Before you start, let’s call our angels to us so that they can assist; filling the space with Love and Light and healing energy.

Think about and get in touch with the emotions around Change.

Set up statements (side of the hand):

Even though I’m resisting this change, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I’m having a really hard time with this change, I accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m really anxious about this change, I’m open to feeling better about it, right now.

Top of head: This anxiety

Eyebrow: This change

Side of Eye: It’s causing anxiety

Cheekbone: I don’t like change

Under nose: It makes me feel anxious

Chin: I feel the anxiety in my body

Collarbone: I release the fear of change

Under arm: This fear really doesn’t serve me

Top of head: What if this change really is a good thing?

Eyebrow: But I don’t like change

Side of eye: I choose to release the fear around change

Cheekbone: It really doesn’t serve me

Under nose: This change might be leading me to something great

Chin: I am open to believing that this is true

Collarbone: I ask my angels to help me with this

Under arm: I choose to trust in the divine plan

Top of head: I release the anxiety and fear

Eyebrow: Those just muddle up my vision

Side of eye: I am open to clarity about this change

Cheekbone: I can trust that I’ll be divinely led to any action steps I need to take

Under nose: What if this is leading me to something wonderful?

Chin: I choose to release the fear now!

Collarbone: I am open to seeing the positives in this change

Under arm:   And in this positive mindset, I lift my vibration

Top of head: As I lift my vibration, I align with infinite possibilities

Eyebrow: There are so many possibilities available

Side of Eye: I am open to receiving goodness in my life

Cheekbone: I’m excited to see what the Divine has in store for me!

Under nose: I choose to trust

Chin: I am open to shifting to believing in a wonderful outcome

Collarbone: I choose that for myself now

Under arm:   And so it is! Thank you, Angels!

Take in a nice deep breath. How are you feeling now? Has the intensity gone down? Are you feeling more peaceful about it? If the intensity hasn’t gone down as much as you’d like, you can do the whole sequence again. Add in your own words to make it more specific to your own situation if you’d like.

Often when we do this process, we clear the emotion and it allows for another thought or feeling or memory to come up. It could be a memory of a time when a particular change was hard for you (often from childhood). Tap on that memory. You can make your statements something like: That time when I was ten and we moved; I hated moving; I had to leave all my friends; I hate change; it’s hard; I didn’t want to move; my parents made me; moving sucked!; change sucks!; etc, etc. Just keep tapping and keep “spewing” the words and feelings that are coming up for you.

It’s powerful stuff!

I’d love to hear from you on how the tapping worked for you!

Min. Maryellen DeVine

If you’re interested in Angelic EFT sessions with Maryellen, see her web pagehttp://angelicjourneys.com/angelic-eft/ on Angelic EFT and email her at Maryellen@AngelicJourneys.com

Minister Maryellen De Vine

Angel Therapy Practitioner®




Choices… what are you choosing?Felecia with Butterfly's

By Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D.

These are very challenging times. Our choices create our reality and the level of challenges we face both individually and collectively.

This time in history will be one of those times future humans look back to and hopefully learn from. Our galaxy is currently being absorbed by the Milky Way galaxy (a higher vibration then ours) which is coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec 21, 2012. There are also planetary alignments that are affecting us, assisting us on our journey and giving us every opportunity to clear the old and embrace the new.

If we can remain mindful of what is actually happening it will be easier to stay at our centers, as the witness. This allows us to be an observer, detached but still aware, instead of being in a state of reacting. Reacting allows our energies to sink lower, creating more challenges for us. The November election has been a timely opportunity for us to practice our mindfulness, detachment, and our ability to discern the truth. Those sinking into lower vibrations are using this time to trick, manipulate, and deceive others in order to hold on to their old beliefs and old ways. Its time to rely on ourselves for the truth, the truth that is uniquely ours, for this is both a personal journey and a planetary journey in an amazing time in history which we have all chosen to participate and grow in.

We have a plethora of choices, one of those being how we view and experience our reality. Examples:

Are you choosing to stay the witness and be in awe of the incredible opportunities for growth?

Are you choosing to dig your heels in and hang on to the old?

Are you choosing to be a victim?

Are you choosing to do nothing, not take responsibility for your own actions, and just bounce wherever creation takes you?

Are you choosing to stay the witness but sometimes loose your balance and temporarily fall into another reality until you can find your balance again?

Are you choosing love or hate?

Whatever we choose to experience isn’t good or bad, hard or easy. It is just our personal experience, our personal path in the evolution of our soul. Who and how we are in the creations is our choice and our responsibility. What are you choosing?

Sending love, light and blessings to all!

Rev. Felecia Mulvany, D.D.

Reverend Felecia Mulvany, currently UCM Vice President, Trustee and Associate Dean of the Seminary, was instrumental in the creation and accreditation of the UCM under graduate and graduate degree programs.

She teaches Reiki, color energy therapy, meditation, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, a 13 month Advanced Master Healers Course and sponsors students for the ministry. She creates and performs custom ceremonies for many religions, Sunday services, spiritual retreats and home/office blessings and clearings.

Recognizing this is not a “one size fits all” planet, Reverend Mulvany is dedicated to helping others find their individual paths of enlightenment and feels that UCM, with its absence of dogma, is an essential spiritual community which fosters just that.


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Reverend April Lussier

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From its earliest years, UCM has emphasized spiritual healing, prophecy and demonstrations of the continuity of life beyond the transition commonly called “death”. As we move closer to world unity and a new age of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood, UCM is now placing greater attention upon training and developing the spiritual powers of its ministers to bring us into this new “Golden Age”.

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