I am Light Eternal



Dear Friends,

I am writing to you both as a friend and as a community of fellow servers for humanity.  In

some way each of you has touched my life in an important way and I would like to express

my gratitude to you personally, and as a whole. I only wish it were possible to speak to each

of you individually. To hear your voice and feel your presence once again would be a blessing,

but in this busy world we live in, it is unfortunately nearly impossible to contact you all indivi-

dually at this moment and have an extended visit by phone.

Therefore, I will do my best to bring you up to date on what Jwana and I have been doing

of late and leave the door open for further networking with one another as we move toward the

challenges and opportunities of 2013. This electronic vehicle is one of the blessings of this

Virtual World that we live in and it allows me to speak to you all at one time.

As most know, we returned from Hawaii in 2009 to Grants Pass, Oregon and co-created an

informal community of mystically oriented truth seekers called “The Circle of the Radiant

Heart.” During that time our open ended community has grown in spirit and in truth. Our

philosophic and spiritual point of view has been focused on the Perennial Philosophy of the

Master Teachers, rather than a single religious perspective. This is the mystic path of all

seekers of The Way to liberation. Ours is a “leaderless community” in which I only steward &

play a facilitator’s role. Instead of the old hierarchical form of leadership, we function on a

consensus council basis as we collectively plan and support one another. It has been so

refreshing for me to be free from that old role of minister, along with the institutional expectations

of conventional religion. I truly believe that we have formed and practice what will soon

become a new form of spiritual community that will spread in time. It is in this fashion that

we support healing and accelerated spiritual practices for one another.

In 2011 I  published my first book “I AM Light – The Prodigal Path and Beyond.” Jwana

and I have been on book tours, conducted programs and continued to minister to the New

Thought community here in Southern Oregon. Although I have had a website for more than three

years, it was only until recently that my inner voice compelled me to share more regularly with

fellow seekers online in blog form.

It would be wrong to assume that I have anything to teach you, because I know you are

already divinely guided and a teacher, example and healer in your own right. It is to the

greater community of those seeking liberation that I wish to reach. It is my hope that via

my blog, book and workshop presentations at New Thought centers that I can be of

further service to fellow seekers entering into this new threshold of awakening.

As a practical mystic like yourself, I am attempting to balance the personal needs and

responsibilities of this life, with the intention of merging more with Divine Will to be of greater

service. It is my hope that you will find value in passing along my website address,

www.IAmLightEternal.com, and my blog to friends that may find value in our collective effort

toward personal joy, harmony and liberation in this life.

If you feel prompted to contact me on a more personal basis, feel free to call me at …

541-244-1256 PST or email me at gjlayman@yahoo.com. When you go to my site feel free to leave

comments and I hope you will “Like” what you find.

In the spirit of communion together, I welcome your feedback …

Blessings in Love’s Light,    Gary Layman

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