VortexHealing®, Rev. April Lussier

April Lussier 2011Blessings dear ones,

Below is information on the healing technique I have been working with since 2008 and am opening an office to be in service to the greater community. If you want to experience the energetics my teacher Gailynn will be offering a group healing at East West. Hope you can come.

Love April

Monday, June 10 VortexHealing® Group Session

7:30pm • Free, but call to reserve a seat

Looking for vibrant health and an awakened life? The view of VortexHealing® is that all of life is One, but we experience ourselves as separate, which creates issues, blockages, false identities and over time generates suffering and illness. The intent of VortexHealing is to release this conditioning for vibrant health and awakening. Gailynn Carroll is one of seven international VortexHealing teachers and has a special connection with angelic consciousness within the VortexHealing lineage. She will give an introductory talk followed by a group healing that gives participants the opportunity to experience energy healing and ask questions afterward. www.VortexHealing.org

East West Book Store ~


VortexHealing® Basic Training General Description

The Transmissions Given in VortexHealing Trainings All the Vortex healing tools (except for Unwinding the Fascia Energy) are expressions of the divine light and consciousness of our lineage and are given by ‘direct consciousness transmission’. What each healing tool can do, though, is dependent on the level of the class and the unique function it is designed to do. The main healing tools do a variety of things, but there are also transmissions for very specific functions, such as grounding, or harmonizing, or nourishing, or awakening consciousness. In addition, although the new Vortex healing tools given in more advanced classes generally work deeper than those given in earlier classes, the main tools from earlier classes will work deeper and deeper as classes progress. This is because as students become more advanced, the evolution in their energy systems and consciousness enable the transmission process to update these earlier healing tools to come from deeper places in their system. So even as they are given new healing tools, the older tools keep working deeper as well.

In addition to the healing tools, some classes also have meditation transmissions. Whether used for healing one’s own issues, for opening the spiritual heart, or for dropping deeper into beingness, meditation plays an important role. The meditation transmissions enable the meditations taught to both go deeper and be more effective.

VortexHealing® Basic Training (5 Days) No prerequisite required.

You undergo an intense light acceleration, which evolves your energy system and enables you to receive the Vortex Wheel (by transmission). With the Vortex Wheel you will be able to:

• Channel 49 different forms of Divine Vortex Energy. Each form of Vortex has unique properties and performs a unique function. Some of these forms are designed to energize and move physical, emotional and karmic “stuff”, some forms are more for nurturing, one form is for grounding, another is for burning out infections, etc. You can choose the form you wish to channel, or ask divine intelligence to choose, which will simultaneously send a different Vortex Energy—or a combination of energies—to different areas of the system, according to what is needed.

• Channel Merlin’s Healing Essence, which bridges in Merlin’s divine healing consciousness, which transforms directly through consciousness and matter.

• Clear “karma knots” and their issues from the karmic body; release emotional and mental imprinting from the emotional and mental bodies; energize, harmonize and create deep healing on the physical body.

• Recreate your Grounding Cord, which grounds you and strengthens you. Everyone is born with a grounding cord, but in the West, almost everyone loses it by the time they are 4 years old.

• Work with both the vital and divine webs of creation, which manifest our physical body and maintain it. Energize the body (or specific areas) through these webs, as well as fix broken web-lines.

• Energize, clear, and harmonize the acupuncture meridians.

• Learn how to energize and bring focus to the 3rd eye.

• Do VortexHealing at a distance.

• Clear physical spaces of negative energy (as well as ghosts) in less than a minute.

• Learn how to get information from Merlin, the divine Source of VortexHealing.

• Learn meditations for opening and deepening the spiritual heart.

• Learn a detailed overview of how we hold our karmic material and how our energy system is constructed.

In addition to the general karmic acceleration and healing effects of receiving the transmission, you will receive a lot of direct healing work, both from other students and in exercises for self-healing.

VortexHealing® Basic Training

June 11 – 15, 2013  Registration
Becca: (1)408-206-4891 vortexhealingca@gmail.com

Center for Creative Living (CCL)

1460 Koll Circle Drive, Suite C, (parking & door is in the back) San Jose, CA 95112


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