Robert Perala speaking at CCL June 16, 2013


Internationally acclaimed speaker and author, Robert Perala is speaking this Sunday, June 16, at the

Center for Creative Living

service is 10:00 to 11:30

Robert PeralaPlease join us this Sundaymorning – June 16th, Father’s day – for an exciting service with the amazing author of The Divine Blueprint – Robert Perala.

The Divine Intelligence is all around you. It combines all things together. Robert Perala invites you to join in on the conversation. Robert shares a joyful message about the origin of the soul, the secrets of life’s continuum, living a purpose driven life, and more. There is a strong message of love and what it means to connect to all the wondrous things that life has to offer. Yes, you have a spiritual support force that is more than amazing. Now it’s time to find out how fun it is to connect to these forces that are God’s helpers. Have fun on Father’s Day. This talk will take you to a place of love, hope and wonder!

Earth is being birthed into a slightly larger expression, and people are feeling the vast sweeping changes in consciousness all around the world. Join this Sunday’sservice for a look at:  Personal Growth, Bridging the Worlds of New Science & Ancient Wisdom, Extraterrestrial Science, Life Before Birth/Life After Death, Where Does The Human Blueprint Come From, and where we are headed as we reach into the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

See you tomorrow at

1460 Koll Circle, Ste C, San Jose, CA 95112

Please park in the back and enter through the back door.




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