CCL Book Fair 6/30/13

ccl_logo_rainboww-solar_cross_symbolcopyWe have a GREAT opportunity we want to share with you! CCL has received 1k+ (over a thousand) books from an  on-line “university”. The original list is attached; we have found other titles in the mix. We are selling these to friends of CCL for $5 each. As you know, any one of these books, DVD, and/or CD are “worth” more than $5. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

This Sunday we are setting up shop in the library with all the books/CDs/DVDs available for $5 each. What’s left will be sold on Amazon and/or EBay. For ministers residing in California there will be an 8.750% sale tax.  If you find something on the list and would and will not be able to attend on Sunday please contact Reverend Doti Boon at  Shipping cost will be added for any books that are mailed. Please click on the below link, Quantity and Prices to find the items you would like.


This Sunday Reverend Sandy Clark is performing the presidential installation of Reverend Mary Garry, then Reverend Mary Garry is installing the rest of the board at CCL. 

Please join us for a wonderful Sunday Service, Installation of  UCM Officers and terrific book/CD/DVD fair.

Thank  you,

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