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Congratulations Kala Ambrose The Awakened Aura Goes Gold!

August 28, 2012
The Awakened Aura Goes Gold!
We are pleased to announce that
Kala has received the the
Gold Medal Award
from the
for her book:
The Awakened Aura:
Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body.

Since childhood, author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose has seen the aura around people, animals and nature. As a wisdom teacher, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her students and in workshops around the country. She teaches others how to see auras and more importantly, how to interact with the layers of the auric fields to clear the energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of the aura in order to reach their highest and full potential.

Over the past decade, what Kala has been seeing in the auric fields is changing dramatically. She reports that our auras are actually evolving! They are creating new energy bodies around the physical body, connecting in new patterns and forming crystalline structures to enhance our conscious evolution, including our connectivity to each other, the world, and higher planes of existence. These structures are creating powerful crystalline receivers, which allow psychic abilities to be enhanced and provide regenerative energetic force fields to heal energy from within at the cellular level. Kala shares that we are truly evolving into super-powered human beings and it’s happening first in the aura!

 “Seeing a ghost in New Orleans is as common as having a bowl of gumbo. The question is not when, but where best to savor them both.Each person who lives or visits the city of New Orleans quickly finds their favorite haunts, which they return to time and time again.” – Kala Ambrose

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New Orleans
 Join Kala Ambrose as your travel guide the other side, as she takes you back to her roots to discover the Spirits of New Orleans. The energy of this city is so potent and powerful, that it places a hold on each person who enters this ancient land claiming you as part of its own.
As an intuitive child born in Louisiana, Kala Ambrose grew up exposed to a rich variety of cultures and influences and the city that had the strongest influence on Kala was New Orleans, the port city known for its bohemian lifestyle embracing art, music and spirituality. The city of New Orleans is formed into the shape of a crescent, which is believed by many people to form a sacred chalice which holds and stores energy making it one of the most unique areas in the world in which to perform magic and to see it magnify due to the energy in the land and from the flowing waters of the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico.
This unique, eclectic mixture spills over into the people and their history creating amongst other things, some of the most soulful music the world has ever seen. New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz, is so powerful that whenever music is playing, people stop whatever they’re doing to dance to the rhythm reaching deep within their soul.  This may in part explain why the city of New Orleans is full of magical energy and why it is so haunted with ghosts and spirits much older than its current residents.
During this journey, Kala explores the haunted history of the city and searches for those who decided to make New Orleans their eternal home as a resting place for some and a point of revenge for others.
Prepare to embark on an enticing journey into the haunted history, paranormal activities, magical ceremonies and supernatural rituals and practices in order to fully understand and embrace the cultural significance of the variety of beliefs, superstitions, legends and lore.
Visit the resting place of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau in St. Louis Cemetery #1, have a drink at some of the most haunted bars in the city and spend the night in your choice of haunted hotels. With Kala as your guide, you’ll tread carefully through haunted Pirates Alley and down the streets of the French Quarter where ghosts, vampires and other supernatural beings lurk around every corner.
Explore Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead with Kala Ambrose and prepare to be supernaturally and eternally charmed by the city of New Orleans.
Spirits of New Orleans takes you behind the scenes with detailed information about each destination. Prepare to be introduced to supernatural rituals and practices in order to fully understand and embrace the cultural significance of the variety of beliefs, superstitions, legends and lore.
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Kala Ambrose
On this Special Episode of Explore Your Spirit, Kala speaks with Gregory Paul Martin,producer/writer/astrologer and eldest son of Beatles Manager Sir George Martin about astrological relationships and what Gregory sees in Kala’s future.
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The Gift, ESP, the Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary Peaple, Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Michael Schmicker.

July 16, 2009

It’s time once more to share with you all something special I have read.  I don’t know how many of you have friends or relatives that think that what you do spiritually is un-scientific and not very valid, but I do.  Imagine my surprise when upon a visit to the San Jose Metaphysical Book Store, Rev. Sue Wilhite placed in my hand this really amazing book called The Gift, ESP, the Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary Peaple, Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Michael Schmicker. 

This book is a compilation of case studies done by her father, Dr. J.B. Rhine at Duke University.  Dr. Feather, who herself, became a psycologist uses stories of people who have experienced ESP to explain what it is and how it operates in dreams, visions, intuition, etc.

I love reading my spiritual books but sometimes it’s great to have something a little more scientific to share with friends and loved ones who need more than just knowingness to understand.  It is a great read and I know those of you who have such remarkable gifts of spririt within our UCM family will love it.


Rev. Angela DeBry

“Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav

June 17, 2009

Did any of you ever have a wonderful book that you’ve read many times come back to you in a new way?  Well I did.  Our son, Mark, has been becoming more interested in his Spiritual Path.  I think having three little ones will do that to parents.  We’ve been sharing DVD’s Joseph Smith, on myth and mythology, Huston Smith, on world religions and since he is a math nerd I suggested he get The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav.

 He saw how thick the book is and called and said, “Mom, you do realize that I’m Mr. Mom and that the kids are seven, five and one?  When do you think I’m going to have time to read this thick a book?  Remember you and Carrie have problems with numerical characters and for me it’s the alpha ones?”  It seems like in our family dyslexia was character specific.  His sister and I struggle with numbers and he and Dale, my husband, struggle with alpha characters.

 Like all good little tekies he “Googled” the author and title and came up with the book on audio.  Gary Zukav reads the book on audio himself.  After Mark listened to it he shared with Mom,  “This book is a wonderful blending of science and metaphysics.”  I knew he’d love it.  For me the book shows how quantum physics, the string theory, and so many of the cutting edge sciences embrace what Eastern Religions, and Western Mystics have known all along we are one.  As a presence on the planet all creation impacts upon one another.  We are all traveling toward a path of awareness, together.

 For those of you who don’t have the time to read or have challenges with alpha characters, I highly recommend the audio version.  For those of you who like me look at a book like fine wine, or a beautiful work of art, get the book you’ll enjoy every minute in either format.

Recommended Reading

May 27, 2009

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