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Child Abuse Reporting Update

February 19, 2013

Legal update for San Jose, California.

Child Abuse Reporting in San Jose CA

For more information about recognizing and reporting child abuse, please call the San Jose Police Department, Family Violence Unit at (408) 277-3700 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 p.m. The receptionist will connect you with a child abuse investigator.

Local Child Abuse Council 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Center for Child Protection 1-408-885-6460

Elder Abuse Reporting in San Jose CA

Santa Clara County Adults Protective Services

(408) 975-4900 or (800) 414-2002 (within California.

Religion And Politics: IRS Not Enforcing Rules On Separation Of Church And State: via HuffPost

November 4, 2012

Religion And Politics: IRS Not Enforcing Rules On Separation Of Church And State: via HuffPost

Wiccan denied clergy status in Virginia.

June 30, 2012

We honor all paths to the Divine. This is an important article for all UCM ministers to read.

Biblical Economic Justice: via HuffPost

January 10, 2012

Terrific article dealing with our spiritual mandate to care for one another.

Santa Clara County SCC: Resource List

July 2, 2011
Emergency   24/7  (Police/Fire/Ambulance)                                     911(Ask for a C.I.T. officer  who is trained in mental health issues)

SUICIDE & CRISIS HOTLINE                 1-855-278-4204

Support group for Survivors of Suicide Loss 408-885-6216

Mental Health Urgent Care                     408- 885-7855

Health & Human Services Information & Referrals                 211 & 408- 248 – 4636

Police (Non-emergency)                            311

National Crisis Hotline  1-800-784 -2433 (SUICIDE)&

1-800- 273-8255 (273- TALK)

Web Resources

SCC Suicide Prevention

California:Office of Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

American Association of Suicidology (AAS

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

Call Center Mental Health Department (MHD) 800-704- 0900  SCC Mental Health Services

NAMI: National Alliance for Mentally Ill           408- 453 – 0400   Support services for families of mentally ill

Contact Cares                                                       408- 850 – 6125   Crisis hotline and Parental stress hotline

Community Solutions                                          408- 683 – 4118   Crisis hotline

Spanish (Bilingual) Hotline           1 – 800 – 572 – 2782  Crisis hotline

Phoenix North County Self Help Center          650 – 462- 2811    MHD’s Consumer Affairs Self Help Center

Zephyr Self Help Center                                     408 -792- 2140     MHD’s Consumer Affairs Self Help Center

South County Self Help Center                          408 – 848- 5037    MHD’s Consumer Affairs Self Help Center


GATEWAY                                                                1- 800 -488 – 9919    Drug/alcohol linkage services

Alcoholics Anonymous       (24 Hrs)               408- 374 – 8511   Peer support groups to stop using alcohol

Narcotics Anonymous                                         408- 998 – 4200   Peer support groups to stop using drugs

Pathway Society   (24 Hrs)                                  408- 244 – 1834   Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol services

AL – ANON                                                                 408- 379 – 1051   Family Support Group

Smoke Line                                                             1 – 800 – 662 – 8887

Sexaholics Anonymous                                        510- 273 – 9878                  Sexual issues

Gamblers Anonymous                                   1- 800 – 287 – 8670   Assist individuals to quit gambling


24-hours shelter                                           1- 800 – 774 – 3583    Provides referrals for shelter

Reception Center                                                                408- 294 – 2100   Emergency shelter and meals

Salvation Army                                                     408- 282 – 1175   Emergency shelter and meals

Harvest Food Bank                                               408- 266 – 8866   Provides food for the needy

Food Connection                                                 408- 266 – 8950   Provides resources for getting food


Children Protective Services                             408- 299 – 2071   Child abuse reporting

24/7 teen line                                                1 – 888 -247 – 7717   24 Hours teen hotline

Alum Rock Counseling Center (24 Hrs)            408- 294 – 0579   Adolescent crisis counseling (mobile)

Bill Wilson Center (Bilingual)                             408- 243 – 0222   Adolescent/Adult counseling

EMQ Mobile Crisis                                               408- 379 – 9085   Mental health Crisis intervention (under 18)

Planned Parenthood                                           408- 287 – 7532   Parent  training, education, and health care                                        website for teens & young adults

Chat4Teens                                            Instant messaging service (limited hours)


Adult Protective Services   (APS)              1 – 800 – 414 – 2002   For Reporting Elder Abuse

Friendship line (24 Hrs)                                 1- 800 -971 – 0016    Medication Reminder for senior citizens

Alzheimer’s Hotline (24 Hrs)                      1 – 800 – 272 – 3900    Alzheimer’s education, info., & support

Golden Gateway                                                   408-295-5288     Mobile outreach for adults (60+)


Social Security                                                      1-800-772-1213

Unemployment Development Insurance        1-800-300-5616

Billy De Frank Center (Gay/Lesbian)                 408- 293 – 2429   Provides Gay & Lesbian support services

Battered Women’s Support Network          1-800 – 572 – 2782   Support services for battered women

Next Door (24 Hrs)                                              408- 279 – 2962   Domestic violence support services

Rape Crisis (24 Hrs)                                             408- 287 – 3000   Rape crisis hotline

Center for Living with Dying                              408- 243 – 0222   Support services for grieving individuals

K A R A   (Palo Alto)                                             650- 321 – 5272  Support services for grieving individuals

Victim Witness                                                      408- 295 – 2656   Assistance for victims of a crimes

Anti – Hate Line                                                   408 – 279 – 0111  Discrimination Complaints

Bay Area Legal Aid                                               408- 283 – 3700   Domestic Violence, Housing etc

Living Center (AIDS)                                            408- 971 – 0852   AIDS Information

Grieving pet loss                                                  408- 262 – 2133   Grieving the loss of a pet

COUNSELING SERVICES (Many offer a sliding fee scale or accept Medicare; your doctor & insurance

             provider may recommend other agencies)

ACCI (Asian American Community)                   408- 975 – 2730   Individual and family counseling

ACT for Mental Health                                        408 – 287 – 2640   Individual and family counseling

Adult and Child Guidance Center                     408- 292 – 9353   Individual and family counseling

Almaden Valley Counseling                                408- 997 – 0200   Teen, Adults, & Families

Alum Rock Counseling Center                           408- 294 – 0500   Family counseling

Community Solutions                                          408-842-7138      Individual Counseling

Catholic Charities (Bilingual)                              408- 944 – 0469   Individual and Family Counseling

Center for Healthy Development                     408- 985 – 8115   Individual and family counseling

Christian Counseling                                            408- 559 – 1115   Counseling Services

JFK Counseling                                                      408- 524 – 4900   Counseling Services

Momentum for Mental Health                          408-261-7777      Counseling Services

Process Therapy Institute                                   408- 358 – 2218   Individual and Family therapy

Palo Alto/Pacific Grad School                            650- 961 – 9300  Counseling Services

San Jose State Family Counseling                      408- 924 – 5670   Individual and family counseling

Ujima Youth (African American)                        408- 928 – 1700   Youth and family counseling

YWCA                                                                     408- 295 – 4011   Support, education, therapy & referrals

Updates for Public Health Contacts

July 7, 2010

 Reverend Mulvany sent these two sites for our ministers that are involved with Public Heath organizations in the state of California.  

We would appreciate ministers or students from other states sending this type of information to  Please reference legal blog in the subject section of your email. 

Thank you,

UCM Headquarters

The State of California Department of Public Health site

“Health Facilities Consumer Information System (HFCIS)”

Gives details for each facility: Complaints, Entity Reported Incidents, State Enforcement Actions, and Survey Deficiencies

 Reverend Felecia Mulvany

Universal Church of the Master

100 W. Rincon Ave #101

Campbell CA 95008


State Filing Update

January 16, 2010


All UCM members must notify headquarters if any of their mailing or contact information has changed.  We want to keep all of your documentation, rights and privileges to legally function as a minister in your state current and legal!!! All ministers must, for State Filing purposes, notify UCM if:

  • You are a UCM member who has moved to a new state. (We need to make sure we are registered in that state)  
  • You are a UCM Ordained Minister (Reverend) who has moved to the state of Massachusetts. (MA requires each Reverend be registered with the MA Secretary of State.
  • You are a state agent for UCM and you have moved within your current state or to another state. (UCM must notify the Secretary of State of any changes or a new state agent may need to be appointed)
  • You are an Ordained Minister (Reverend) living in the state of New Jersey and you are opening a church charter. (UCM may need to register your Church Charter with the state of NJ)  


Reverend Felecia Mulvany

Universal Church of the Master

100 W. Rincon Ave #101

Campbell CA 95008


Interactive Website for Legal Information

October 28, 2009

Many of our ministers, charters and individual students have questions regarding legal matters both professional and personnel.  UCM is working to find information for you regarding federal and state laws that pertain to individual ministers and charter holders.  Fortunately ministers update us as they find changes in their states and we pass these along.  We will also be sharing information sent to Headquarters via the IRS, and UCM’s  lawyer.

I have been doing some personnel research for myself and my family and found a wonderful website that not only allows you to research state specifically, but has a message board where you can ask a specific question.  They do not charge for basic information or questions in the forum.  This seemed to be something that might be useful for our ministers.  Their website is and  If any of our ministers have other websites like this that you use, please send them to and we will add them to the legal portion of the blog.

Thank you,

Reverend DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.

UCM Corporate State Filings

September 2, 2009

A point of interest for our new readers, perspective students, and UCM members; UCM must file corporate papers in every state that we have a practicing Healer Practitioner, Licentiate Minister or Ordained Minister.  Any time a minister leaves a state it is important to check with Headquarters to verify that the state you are moving to has existing corporate registration.  In order for you to perform any legal ministerial activities UCM must have a corporate filing in the state you reside.  This filing is no cost to the minister; it is a part of your annual dues.

 To facilitate access to this information we will periodically update the State Filing List on our UCM Blog. 

 Currently Registered States


















New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





South Dakota



Washington DC

Elder Abuse Reporting, Califonia

June 27, 2009

California has passed a law requiring reporting of elder abuse by ministers, and other professionals. 

UCM ministers residing in California or working in California may refer to the Interfaith Resources for Clergy web site :  or the

 California Attorney Generals web site: for additional information.

Thank you Reverend Mary Rico for this update. 

We encourage all of our ministers throughout the United States, and other countries to keep us updated on legal changes in your area.  You may do this yourself by clicking the comment section and add your legal update or you may send the information to UCM.