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Dreams and Prayers of Peace for All People: via HuffPost

November 16, 2012

Dreams and Prayers of Peace for All People: via HuffPost

Gulf Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana’s Coast: via HuffPost

November 16, 2012

We ask for prayers for those who died and are injured. We ask for prayers for all aspects of nature and life being impacted. Gulf Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana’s Coast: via HuffPost

Submitting a Prayer Request

September 18, 2009


Prayer Altar at Headquarters

All is very peaceful and serene on our patio: the fountain sends its music with the water, the hummingbird checks out our hibiscus plant every day, and the geraniums along with the ferns fill in with their loving energy. I often look out my window to all of this as I send out our prayer requests. With the addition of new readers to the Joyful Noise I wanted to be sure everyone knows how to request prayer and how your requests are then handled.

Prayer requests can be called in to our office at 408.370.6519; emailed to us:; or sent via our link on our website under Prayer Requests. We have 135 prayer partners who subscribe to our prayer requests list that is emailed daily, combining requests received that day that give us permission to send them. Some people prefer just to have their requests added to our prayer bowl and not have their names/requests out over the Internet. A copy of each day’s prayer requests email is also put in our prayer bowl.

Prayer Requests may also be submitted on our blog by going to our website,, and selecting “Read Our Blog”, and then selecting “Prayer Requests”. Requests made here are visible to whoever connects to our website.

We Believe

July 29, 2009

“We believe that prayer changes things, or at the very least, creates avenues through which change may develop.  It has been suggested that each of us daily repeat this prayer for change.

We send forth into the ethers: For all nations – our planetary economy rebounds; re-employment begins again; consumer confidence returns; factory orders increase; sales everywhere turn up; housing sales begin to surge.

Our planetary economy is lifted. Universal Abundance guides this UPTURN, which is God in action.”

 This prayer was sent to Reverend Sandy Clark, our President.  The person that sent this in has asked to remain anonymous.

Remembering Those Who Pass

July 16, 2009

In Memorial

Please take a moment to bless our wonderful UCM ministers who experienced immense sorrow this week.

Rev. Corry Gott and Rev. Janet Childs on the loss of “Dad” Tom McCall.

Revs. Mary and Tom Garry on the loss of their daughter Kathy. 

          Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren gather.

          The gone-befores are here with us in our memory in our keeping

          We hold on to all you taught us-what we learned from your living.

          We give you back now to the earth – to the sky – wind and water.    

          We bury sorrow – sing your spirit – fly with you – hearts open.

 You are the seedpod in its bursting – replenishing the earth

Request for Spiritual Support

June 27, 2009

Please put this prayer request out to everyone

Marianne Patigler’ parents, Gerhard and Ingrid Patigler were flying in their Beachcraft airplane from Palmer, Alaska to White Horse, Alaska on Saturday the 20th of June.  Because of bad weather conditions – low cloud cover- it was necessary for them to descend below radar capability.

They have not been heard from since Saturday afternoon.  Marianne has requested help from our Universal Church of the Master spiritual community to locate her parents.

Please, all of you wonderful intuitive individuals – use your unique abilities to contact these folks. 

If you receive any spiritual messages and I will forward them to Marianne.  Hold all involved in the search and rescue as well as the family in your prayers.


Rev. Doti Boon


You may post your prayer requests yourself by clicking on the comments section and adding your prayer.

Prayers June 12,2009

June 12, 2009

Prayers for our planet, our families, and all life.

The prayers on this blog are open for all to see.  If you wish to add a more private and personal prayer please go to and add your prayer there. To add a prayer here on this blog please click on the comment link below.

Prayer Requests

May 27, 2009

We are happy to take all your prayer requests.  Each prayer will be put in our sacred clay prayer bowl as well as read here by our members who include them in their prayer work.

Our sacred clay prayer bowl was donated to UCM several years ago by Reverend’s Tom and Mary Garry. It was created by the skilled potter, Tom Krempa of Snohomish, WA., who had offered to create a vessel to serve as a depository for prayer requests and healing intentions.

Spirit was invited, through prayer and meditation, to join in creating the prayer bowl. The names of God, the angelic kingdom, saints, prophets, and avatars, including all other beings of enlightenment, named or unnamed, were written on the thinnest paper, torn in separate pieces, and fired with the clay into the pot.

We believe repeated use of sacred spaces and sacred intentions have frequently shown wonderful results. Spirit told us, ‘Intentions placed in the bowl will receive prayerful attention, from the faithful on both sides of the veil, as long as the need exists.’

To have your prayer request entered in the Prayer Bowl, enter your prayer request in the comment form below.  These comments will be retrieved by ministers at U.C.M. and placed in the prayer bowl each week.