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Website Updates

July 3, 2009

Have you visited our UCM website recently?

Reverends Angela DeBry and Kala Ambrose are in the process of connecting us throughout the Internet on Facebook and Twitter. We also now have a blog. Individual ministers can advertise classes, books and spiritual services  through the One Heart Many Paths section. Charters may advertise any events and or services through Charter Chatter. Please contact Reverend Angela DeBry at if you would like UCM to add your information to the blog or if you have questions on how to do it yourself. 

 Stay tuned there is much more to come!!!!!!!

We are part of the Associate Programs offered by both, and Barnes& This means when you enter either of these websites through ours, UCM receives a commission on your purchases. Should you need to leave either website before completing your purchase you need to again go through our web site for us to receive the commission.

Reverend Sandy Clark, President