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Joyful Noise

April 10, 2010

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Vol. 9 pg.14 (04-08-10)


I affirm that all domains of my life—career, relationships, and family—are always moving through cycles of change.

Embracing the Mystery

Mother Earth has really been pitching a fit and throwing her weight around this month, how are you coping with it? 

When all the words have been written, and all the phrases have been spoken, the great mystery of life will still remain. 

Tragedies like cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fire occur, bad things happen to good people and sufferings are visited upon the innocent.  We are prisoners of time, witnesses of transformation, victims of biology, hostages of our own capacity to dream. 

At times it all seems too much, impossible to accept. We must stand against this. The world is a great and mysterious place, and it contains within it all the possibilities that our hearts can conceive. If we incline our hearts toward the darkness, we will see the darkness. If we incline them toward the light, we will see the light. 

Life is but a dream we renew each day. It is up to us to infuse this dream with light, and to cultivate, as best as we are able, the ways and habits of love.

The universe is a vast and magical membrane of meaning, stretching across time and space, and is not given us to know her secrets and her ways. Perhaps we were placed here to meet the challenge of a single moment; perhaps the touch we make will cause the touch that will change the world. 

When we come to the end of our journey, and the issues that so concerned us recede from us like the day before the coming night, it will be these small touches—the child we have helped, the garden we have planned, the meal we have prepared when we were too weary to do so—that will become our legacy to the universe. 

If we have played our part well—offering love where it was needed, strength and caring where it was lacking; if we have tended the earth and its creatures with a sense of humble stewardship—we will have done enough. We may pass quietly and rest gently in the knowledge that we have left the world a little warmer, a little kinder, a little richer in love. Though our moment was brief, and our part small, somewhere, in the fullness of time, our acts will bear fruit, and the earth will raise up a bit of goodness of our memory. 

Excerpts from Simple Truths by Kent Nerburn

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”~Rosalia de Castro

“Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love,

laugh without control and always keep smiling.

Maybe life is not the party that we were expecting,

but in the mean time, we’re here and we can still dance…..”


A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk I have a workstation.

TEACHER: Can you tell me what death is?

PUPIL: Patrick Henry’s second choice.

TEACHER: Now class, whatever I ask, I want you to all answer at once. How much is six plus four?

CLASS: At once!

Did you Know…

…after a large earthquake the earth rings like a bell?

…a hurricane releases more energy than all the world’s nuclear weapons?

…according to the Saffir-Sinpson hurricane scale a category five means wind speed of 155 mph and up?

…all continent names end with the same letter in which they start? Europe, Antarctica, Australia, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

…the Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year. The reason? When it was built, engineers failed to take into account the weight of all the books!