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Sacred Times

January 15, 2013
 Sacred Times
                                            Editor: Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D.

Presidents Message

 Reverend Sandy Clark, D.D.

January 2013


  Rev Sandy Clark Final 8 14 2012 New Year’s Greetings to you all!

May this year be filled with Light and Love for each of you.

May you dance on your pathway of life sharing your Light of Love with all you encounter, doing what you love.

With Light and Love, Sandy

Spiritual Clearing Cycles

1987 – 2015

Legacy of the Harmonic Convergence

  By Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.

Once again Dale and I have had an opportunity to spendRev Angela DeBry 2008  some time at Mount Shasta. Most of our friends know this is really a sacred place to our family. We started backpacking there in 1975 and continued throughout our kid’s childhood. The Golden Bough Bookstore has been the place where many revelations have come to me. Once again while in meditation at Panther Meadows it came to me that it was important to take a look at the next cycles of energy that we would be seeing on the earth.

My interests in the cycles began during the Harmonic Convergence when so many legends about the Rainbow Tribes were being written and talked about. These individuals, according to legend, would be awakened to help Earth in a time of great need. This Rainbow Tribe legend seemed very important to me back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Now with Global Warming it seems almost prophetic to speak of these individuals. It seems that this awakening or birthing if you will takes time, energy and yes, for those of you who are Moms, it take birthing pains. We birth our own clearing process and in doing so we birth the clearing process for the planet. We birth new energies and new paradigms to work with. These energies are supportive, meant to help the Earth and all of us on her to cleanse and clear. Okay, I can hear many of you yelling, “I can’t take how things have speeded up now”. Yes, you can!

Remember we are here physically to ground into the planet “physically” these sacred energies. We all have lots of support from Guidance, Spirit, God/Goddess, Great Spirit, Buddha, Allah and any other spiritual guidance or model that you embrace. As spiritual groups and individual’s travel from Sacred Space to Sacred Space we imprint these energies onto the Earth’s grid work and facilitate a filter on Earth so that the new energies will be incorporated in a less intense manner.

Remember our goal is to reach a 20% spiritual consciousness on the planet. That level allows us to reach a place on the planet of symbiosis and tolerance. This is a spiritual as well as physical place where we can agree to disagree, a place where we can find global solutions to the challenges facing Earth and all the life forms on her. As we clear, Earth clears.

Know that we have the ability if we work together and know that in each age of change there are pathfinders and leaders. The family of UCM has been a pathfinder and leader as far back as 1908. We allowed women ministers when other churches did not. We embraced our diversity and gifts of Spirit. We are a powerful family with great abilities. We are being given the opportunity to take a message of tolerance, understanding, diversity, and peace into the world. We aren’t fighting about whose God/Goddess is bigger, better, more truthful, right or wrong. We are embracing all manifestations of Spirit on this planet. We are choosing to no longer be the best kept secret on the planet.

Cycle 1.             August 17       March 17

Physical               1987               1988

Cellular               1988               1989

Emotional            1989               1990

Mental                 1990               1991

Spiritual              1991               1994

For the second cycle the energy is magnified by 100,000

Cycle 2.

Physical               1994               1995

Cellular                1995               1996

Emotional             1996               1997

Mental                  1997               1998

Spiritual               1998                2001

For the third cycle the energy then squares itself.

Cycle 3.

Physical                2001                 2002

Cellular                2002                 2003

Emotional             2003                 2004

Mental                  2004                 2005

Spiritual               2005                 2008

For the fourth cycle the energy squares once again.

Cycle 4.

Physical                2008                2009

Cellular                2009                2010

Emotional             2010                2011

Mental                  2011                2012

Spiritual               2012                2015

During the second portion of the spiritual cycle we complete it with six weeks of energy from each of the 13 rays.

Red – 08/17/13 – 09/28/13

Physical Grounding Energy

Orange – 09/28/13 – 11/09/13

Physical Creative Energy

Yellow  – 11/09/13 – 12/21/13

Physical Power Energy

Green – 12/21/13 – 02/01/14

Physical Healing Energy

Rose – 02/01/14 – 03/15/14

Emotional Healing Energy

Translucent Blue – 03/15/14 – 04/26/14

Emotional Communication Energy

Indigo – 04/26/14 – 06/07/14

Mental Psychic/Logical Energy

Violet – 06/07/14 – 07/19/14

Mental/Spiritual Energy

Silver – 07/19/14 – 08/30/14

Spiritual Feminine Energy

Gold – 08/30/14 – 10/11/14

Spiritual Masculine Energy

Clear – 10/11/14 – 11/22/14

Spiritual Clarity Energy

White – 11/22/14 – 01/03/15

Spiritual Protective Energy

Black – 01/03/15 – 02/14/15

Spiritual Movement Energy

Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D., D.D., Dean of Education

Reverend DeBry, Ph.D. received her Doctorate of Holistic Health from Clayton College of Holistic Medicine and her Doctor of Divinity from UCM.

Reverend DeBry received her Licentiate Minister Certificate from UCM in 1988, and became an Ordained Minister in 1989. In 1989 Reverend DeBry started a UCM Chartered church, Solar Cross “A New Beginning”. She also created Solar Cross “A New Beginning” Postsecondary School and Wellness Center, along with a California Board of Registered Nursing continuing education program.

Reverend DeBry has been a Certified Pastoral Addictions Counselor, of the National Association of Forensic Counselors, and has been an elected board member of Universal Church of the Master Board of Trustees 1999 – 2011.

Rev Eve Wilson Oct 2012A Peaceful InterludeBy Reverend Eve WilsonReprinted with permission from Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazinewww.bodymindspiritguide.comWhen you need a break but don’t have much time, take a 10 – 15 minute time lapse vacation! You’ll come back relaxed and ready to face the world. It’s guaranteed to refresh you and help you find your center. Let me tell you how!1) Find a quiet place, even if it’s just in a parked car with the seat tipped back or the only room in your house with a lock on the door (the bathroom) has been used to good effect in necessity! You’re only going to need a few minutes, so it’s no problem.

2) Close your eyes and breathe into your belly and sink down into yourself, letting the outer world go for just a bit. From deep within ask yourself this question: Where would I like to be right now? The first thing that comes up usually works, although you may choose otherwise if you like.

3) Go to that place with all of your feelings and imagination. Taste it, smell it, see it, feel it, be there…

4) Ask yourself how long you need to be there in order to find your center of peace and balance within. You might need a week, or a month or three years…whatever!

5) Imagine the days and nights passing, with the rising and setting of the sun, with activities that you love, experience them as fully as your imagination allows. Let yourself feel the time passing and you will get more and more relaxed.

Your emotional/feeling self doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality and time is always right now, so you can spend a year and a half in your imagination while only spending 15 minutes in real time. Yet, you will relax deeply and feel refreshed as though much time had passed. Just tell yourself that you are spending lots of time by imagining it passing with the rising and setting of the sun, the light and the dark of day and night, sleeping and waking, eating and playing, sunbathing…whatever!

Really let yourself go into the experience but you don’t need to have all the details, your unconscious will fill those in or do fine without them. Definitely don’t bother imagining the planning, packing bags, paying for anything…those you can leave out of your imagination. Just do the fun part!

Stay with this until you feel ready to come back to your life.

During one challenging period of my life, I felt like I needed 3 years off in a favorite place that is far away; I needed to be alone without working, without my child, just space for me. Since that wasn’t an option, I took two 15 min. time lapse vacations over two days. After the second one I felt like I could return to my life, fulfill my contracts here in Michigan and be at peace with that choice. I no longer needed to escape.

Since then I have taught this exercise to lots of other stressed out people and they have found it to be a wonderfully peaceful interlude that refreshed them and allowed them to find peace within selves, with the people they loved and the people they worked with. I hope you will find it beneficial too!

Rev. Eve Wilson has been a Healer and trainer of Healers since 1986. Her trainings are available in person in Ann Arbor, MI and by live skype or phone connection as well. Courses include the Healer Development 101 and The Healer & Ascension Certification Course for UCM Healer Practitioner. She does healing for individuals, couples, children, families, pets and the personal, planetary and cosmic ascension process. Visit for The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog, healing and inspirational articles and information, email or phone 734-780-7635

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The Sacred Times is published around the middle of each month. Class/event submissions must be received by the 5th of the month to be posted in that months newsletter and will remain in the newsletter until the class/event date has expired. Please submit a brief class description

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UCM Church Charters

Center for Creative Living, UCM #801, CA

Reverend Doti Boon, 1460 Koll Circle, Ste. C, San Jose CA 95112, (408) – Psychic Readings, Spiritual counseling, Memorials, Weddings, Baptisms, Retreats, Workshops, Metaphysical and Spiritual Training Classes. Visit for more information and a full calendar of events.

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Reiki Circle – Wednesdays from 3:00 to 5:00PM

Peace Meditation – Third Monday of every month from 7:30 to 9pm

Doti’s Thursday Night Classes – Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm Please enter through the back door. Price: $15.00 for one class, $25 for both, pay at the door, Jan. 17 – Spiritually in UCM with Rev. Doti Boon

Chapel of Spiritual Fellowship, UCM #723, CO

Reverend Ronald Wills, 303-288-0143, Sunday Church Services at 10AM, Readings, Healings and Spiritual Counseling

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Reverend Sarah Novak, 3700 40th Ave. N, St. Petersburg FL 33714, 727-522-7133,, Worship & Healing Services Sunday and Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:00PM, Monthly ESP Fiesta & Message Circles, Ceremonies & Seminars. Yoga – Mondays 6PM & 7:15PM, See website for full yoga schedule

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Reverend Marlene Smith, 178 Chapin Street, Binghamton NY 13905, 607-722-5569, Sunday Evening Services 6:30 PM, Healing Meditation and Message Work

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Reverend Eve Wilson

Healer Development 101 – meets 6 Wednesdays beginning April 24th 7-9:30 PM

Intuition Development, Self-Healing and Empowerment, Clear, Unconditionally Loving Spiritual Connections, Psychic Boundaries and Sacred Space, Chakras, Intro to Auras, Healing Qabalah and Archangels, Power Animals, Tuning Crystals and Stones, Much More! Attend in person, by phone or live internet skype connection. Distant participants can feel right in the classroom through our classroom mic. Cost $ 300 or $280 in advance. Rev. Eve Wilson, Instructor., , Ann Arbor, MI.

Healer & Ascension Certification Course – meets alternate Tuesdays beginning January 29th 7-10 PM.

UCM Healer Practitioner Certification – 28 classes meet one weeknight 7 – 10 PM Eastern Standard Time every other week for 13 months. Unconditionally loving spiritual connections, clear boundaries, safe and effective healing of body, emotion, mind and spirit for adults, children, pets, the planet. Aura/Chakra Reading, Clearing, Repair, Etheric Surgeons, Soul Contracts, DNA/Heredity, Past Lives, Personal and Planetary Ascension, Much More. Eve Wilson –, Ann Arbor, MI.

Reverend April Lussier

Monthly World Peace Meditation – 7:30-9:00PM, An evening focusing our energy and prayers for Divine intervention of peace and harmony for all life on the planet. Bring the concerns heavy on your heart to be placed in the circle of prayers and healing. The Gathering will include chanting, guided meditation, prayer work and inspirational music by Rev Janet Childs. Jan 21, Feb18, March 18, April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16, *Dec 31 at 4AM, Location: Center for Creative Living, 1460 Koll Cir # C San Jose, CA 95112, Rev. April 408 289 9188 or

Women’s Spirituality Celebrations – gather 6:30pm cast circle 7pm, Location: 895 Le Compte Pl San Jose 95122 408 289 9188, Cost: $20 Our Gatherings take place in an enclosed patio. What to bring: an open heart, snack to share after the ceremony, rattle or drum (optional), shawl for over your shoulders in the cool night air. Candlemas/Imbolic Jan 27, Spring Equinox/Ostara Mar 23, Beltane May 4, Summer Solstice/Litha June 23, Lammas Aug 3, Mabon/Fall Equinox Sept 2, Hallowmas Nov 2, Yule Dec 21

Goddess Spirituality Retreats – April 12-14 & Oct 4-6, $225- 275 includes food, lodging, and Ceremonies, RSVP April (408) 289-9188

Sabbat Celebrations and other Triple Goddess Rituals are facilitated by Rev. April Lussier; metaphysical eco feminist Wisewoman. (408) 289-9188 oraprillussier@sbcglobal.net

Minister Joy Reichard

Monthly In Her Name Goddess Circles – Reclaim the Divine Feminine both within and without. Circle is held in San Mateo, California. For more information and calendar visit Location: Unitarian Congregation, 300 East Santa Inez Ave., San Mateo, CA. For more information about Joy and her work as a Transformational and Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Guidance Counselor go to her website or contact her for more information at

Reverend Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

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Healer’s Training is an 18-Level, 2 year healing course and a journey that blends philosophy, technique and experiential healing into a beautiful unfolding of your own awareness.

Chakra Series Webinars

Lighted Pathway to Superconsciousness – Everything you wanted to know about the chakras. Come explore with us the universe of consciousness that is the chakras of the human being. For more information go to

Reverend Jane Unland

New Blog “Glutenfree Sleuth”

Please check out my new blog where I share my discoveries and stories about my 14 year journey as a gluten intolerant with Celiac Disease. So many of my days have been sabotaged along the way by hidden gluten that I wanted to share my hard won knowledge in the hope that other gluten intolerants could be spared some of the same pain and discomfort.


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