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Drive: by Reverend Devin DeBry

March 12, 2010

What makes a person unique? Is it what they wear, who they know, what they do, or how they handle challenges? It is everything. No matter, we will always disappoint those that cherish us. No one can ever truly live up to the expectations others have in us. That’s what makes life both hard, and fun. There are always going to be people who would rather run from problems. Does that make them weak? Does that mean they don’t have the drive to succeed over all adversity?

To me, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how I see myself, and whom I allow in my heart. I am a fighter. I don’t quit no matter what. I will always strive to be the best I can be. And that makes my potential limitless. In my eyes there is nothing more disappointing than people who fail to live up to the potential in all of us. It’s just disgraceful. A slap in the face to whatever you believe in. If you can’t find the strength to face everything, and still stand strong, why bother trying anything? Life is full of obstacles we must overcome. Those of us that refuse to try need to stay out of my way. I seek to completely destroy everything and anything that blocks my way. I know what I want, and one day I will attain it. What makes me strong is my unbending strength of will and my undying resolve. What drives me isn’t fame or money. Those are useless things to strive for. You’ll never have enough. 

What drives me is to become stronger. Strong enough to never have to use my strength again and to have my strength wrap everyone at my side in it. To let those I love and care for always have my strength to rely on. I learned along time ago, quitting isn’t something I know how to do. If I had quit, I’d be blind in one eye, and probably dead. I have the drive to keep going no matter what lays in front of me. Those that wish to be in my heart and life need to know this. No matter what, no matter how you feel about me. I’m always going to be here. I will never stop. I was told long ago that my element was wind, and I have always lived life as a game. Now I’m serious. That playful gust from the past that tugged at everything is gone. In its place is the raging tempest I have become. I don’t seek out conflict. I destroy it. I don’t seek out pain. I obliterate it. I have learned to live life my way. No matter how much pain it causes me. It’s worth it. I once heard, “what’s worth the price, is always worth the fight”, and it’s so damn true. Life is nothing but conflict, and I won’t stop. As long as I can twitch my pinky finger, I will fight for what I believe in. It’s not a matter of what’s in my way anymore. It doesn’t matter to me how long it will take. I’ll be the strongest I know. I have that fire in me. It burns and drives me to be the best. To become what people have learned to expect from me an undying shelter that protects everything. And I’m already getting closer.

 I no longer wonder where my life is going to take me. It doesn’t matter anymore. Anyone who knows me should know I would give every ounce of life I have to shield him or her from all harm. I have no more doubt in my mind. One day, soon, I will be the kind of person that won’t need to flex to show my might. It will just radiate off me, empowering everyone around me. That is my drive to have true strength not might. I always thought of them as the same until now. That is why my life was filled with so much pain. I never understood the difference. Now, it’s all clear to me. I will weather whatever life has to throw at me. I will let those that love me share in my strength, and I will let those that hate me, have that hatred. It will make them stronger. They will one day surpass me, and I revel in that knowledge. It excites me to know that no matter what; I will make those that I’ve known so much stronger.

So, when someone asks me, just how far will I go for those that I love, the answer is simple. I will become whatever is necessary for them, from savior, to monster. My life isn’t my own, for the wind belongs to no one. It gives us all the strength to live. So I will emulate that aspect, and become the unstoppable zephyr that lies in wait for any adversity. I will always triumph. For that is the strength of my resolve. I wont quit. Ever. So be prepared, for the winds have started changing, and they bring forth something truly remarkable.

We’ve all had pain in our lives, we all fail sometimes, but when we look inside, we find the strength to get back up, and continue living. I know it’s not easy, hell; I’ve always been one to take the rougher road no matter what. That’s what makes life worth living, the endless opportunities. For me, all that I’ve endured has given me a talent with the written word, and a creativity I’ve begun to nourish. So no matter what I will go through, what any of us go through, I hope that we will all find away to make our inner pain one of our biggest strengths.

Reverend Devin DeBry is our youngest UCM minister.  Devin holds an Associate in Theology from UCM and was ordained in 2008 at the UCM Centennial Celebration. 

This is Reverend DeBry’s first submission of what we hope is many to the UCM blog.  We would like to encourage all of our ministers and students to share from their hearts the journeys that they are traveling.  You may reach Devin with questions or comments at

Center for Creative Living

October 16, 2009

IMG_0376All are welcome to Sunday Celebration at the Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801, at 1460 Koll Circle, Suite “C” – services in back. Need directions? Call (408)392-9090 or visit Healing Chairs (come give or receive a hands-on-healing) starts at 9:30am, Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30am. Dress is casual and Kids are welcome.

This Sunday join Dr. Ayleen Augustine, Rev. Norbeth Granado and Rev. Bec Thompson as they talk about “Whispers – Journey of the Spiritual Warrior.”All three of these folks are exciting and delightful speakers.   Please support them this Sunday as I am leading a group of 30 spiritual warriors on a Sacred Journey to Paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii.


No classes in October – Doti, Corky and Folks in Hawaii

Happenings at The Center

Sat. Oct. 17th6:30pm to 9:00pmHealing Drum CircleThis is a Special Healing Event, not the usual weekly drum circle. The Healing Drum Circle is an Earth based ceremony derived from South American Indigenous traditions. This is a SACRED CEREMONY held for the benefit of all in attendance, especially those who have requested healing. All who attend will receive “collateral healing.” We will be tapping into the collective healing energy of all who enter our healing space. It is very important that anyone wishing to receive specific healing and any healers who wish to participate directly, identify themselves to Norbeth before the Ceremony begins. (408)315-3078

Sun. Oct. 18thNO CCL Singers Rehearsal – A lot of singers traveling to Hawaii on a Sacred Journey to Paradise.

 Mon. Oct. 19th – no Yoga tonight! See ya next week!

Tues. Oct. 20th6:30 to 8:30DRUMMINGwith Norbeth and friends. 

Mon. Oct. 26th7:00 to 8:30pm – Gentle Yoga Intro to Magical Ones with Krishnapriya (Laura Marshall). A theme for each week’s class. Doing specific asanas (poses) that benefit a part of the back. The Magical Ones are reviewed in each session to round out the practice. Pranayama (Breathing) exercises-and Guided Meditation in every class. FIRST CLASS ALWAYS FREECOME TRY IT AT NO COST – For best practice: Light eating at least 2 hours before class, wear loose fitting clothes, bring your own mat/blanket or use one of ours.

Tues. Oct. 27th6:30 to 8:30 – DRUMMINGwith Norbeth and friends.

Wed. Oct 28th7pm to 9pm Metaphysical Movie Night – The Shadow Effect!  This movieis an emotionally-gripping, visually-compelling docudrama that reveals the hidden forces that continually unseat politicians, destroy celebrity careers, destabilize the economy and affect the lives of millions each year. Debbie Ford, presents the hidden power of “the Shadow” alongside some of today’s most provocative thinkers including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, James Van Praagh and others. This movie sold out at East West Bookstore and is widely acclaimed. $5. donation FREE POPCORN! and discussion afterward.

Life is meant to be a joyous celebration!

       Love and Light,

              Rev. Doti Boon