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Kwan Yen

April 22, 2011
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I am the pastor of a very small Multi-faith church in San Jose, California.  Our church has sitting icons and flying flags of all the different religions.  And the wonderful members of our congregation bring in statutes of various deities, pictures of spiritual beings and some things I would consider geegaws.

One of these interesting objects was a glow in the dark, green resin molded statue of Kwan Yen.  Her color was very vibrant neon green, the look on her face was orgasmic and she had obviously been poured from a very uneven mold – since she lists to one side.

Usually she sits comfortably in our hall closet.  Last Mother’s Day I decided to bring out all of the feminine faces of God.  So our small altar contained a painting depicting the Virgin Mary, a beautiful statute of a feminine Buddha, a dynamic hand-painted statute from Mexico of Pacha Mama, and plenty of Goddesses, including Isis, Aphrodite, Gaia, and many more. There – in the center was our listing Kwan Yen.

After our Mother’s Day celebration, I carefully put all of the various articles away, excluding Kwan Yen since she had to be placed very carefully on a shelf so she wouldn’t topple over.

As I came back to get her – the lights went out in the sanctuary.  Since our church is in an industrial building – when the lights go out – it is extremely dark.   And since I don’t do well in complete darkness (past life death incident), I started to panic. My breathing was labored and my heart began banging heavily in my chest.

From the altar came a small light and it grew larger in the darkness.  The glow from Kwan Yen became bigger and bigger.  It was shining so brightly that I could see to light candles and move about the room.  My panic subsided and I picked her up and held her gratefully.

What was unique about this experience was the sound of soft music that emanated from the statue and accompanied the large green glow – even when she was clutched against my bosom.

Now, our wonderful – neon green statue of Kwan Yen stands proudly on our altar. She reminds us that life is about miracles beyond our looks, our color or – even if we tilt sideways a bit – we are all children of the Mother/Father God.

Rev. Doti Boon

Center For Creative Living – UCM #801

1460 Koll Circle “C”

San Jose CA  95112