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June 26, 2009


A Joyful Noise!

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon,

Volume 8 page 26 (06-25-09)


I am a walking miracle – accepting God in all manifestations


          A client called me from Texas today and asked if I believed in miracles – since her chemo wasn’t working and she was afraid her cancer would return. My response – it doesn’t matter if I believe in miracles – it was important she did.

          So many times we deny the existence of God and then implore “the divine” to supply us with a miracle.

          A miracle is an interruption of the laws of nature – in such a way as to bring forth an amazing occurrence. Many religious texts and people claim various events are “miraculous.” People in different cultures have different definitions of the word “miracle.” Even within a specific religion there is often more than one meaning of the word. For example, the term “miracle” may refer to the action of a supernatural being or “God.” Thus, the term “divine intervention” would describe a God inspired miracle.

          In casual usage, “miracle” may refer to an unlikely but beneficial event, such as the survival of a natural disaster or regarded as “wonderful” regardless of its likelihood, such as birth. Other miracles might be: survival of a terminal illness, escaping a life threatening situation or ‘beating the odds.’

          According to A Course in Miracles – channeled by Helen Schuman:

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.

Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.

The real miracle is the love that inspires them.

In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.

The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still.

The miracle of life is ageless born in time but nourished in eternity.

In any situation in which you are uncertain, the first thing to consider is “What do I want to come of this? What is it for?” The clarification of the goal belongs at the beginning; for this will determine the outcome. It is important that you analyze what you want before you request a “miracle.”

Doubt is the result of conflicting wishes. Be sure of what you want, and doubt becomes impossible.

Remember – nothing is difficult that is wholly desired. Quite often this request is in the form of a prayer to Mother/Father God.

Only when we have a single purpose, unified and sure, can we be unafraid. Then, and only then, will our request or “miracle” be answered.

This is the one intent we seek; uniting our desires with the need of every heart, the call of every mind, the hope that lies beyond despair… that remains as God created it. 

Let me list for you some of the things I see as “miracles.” For me a miracle occurs ever time:

A baby is born.

A person is cured from disease or even the common cold or flu.

An unemployed person finds new employment.

A new medicine is invented to treat cancer, HIV, or any other disease.

A check arrives in the mail when one has no idea how they are going to pay a bill or feed their family.

A relationship of love begins.

A person lets go of anger and hate and discovers love.

A sermon is written or delivered.

And the list goes on and on. I see ALL these things and more as being miracles sent to you and me by God. How many times have you been filled with great fear and trepidation about something that was going on in your life and you could not even begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and then all at once out of the clear blue an answer or solution appears? People, that is not “mere coincidence,” but rather a God-sent miracle!


Miracles come in all different sizes, flavors, and packages. Perhaps you are looking for a miracle in your life right now. My advice to you is DON’T GIVE UP! KEEP LOOKING UP! GOD IS STILL GOD, AND ALL YOU AND I HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE AND KEEP ON TRUSTING!


God granting miracles

A religious man is on top of a roof during a great flood. A man comes by in a boat and says “get in, get in!” The religious man replies, “No I have faith in God, he will grant me a miracle.”

Later the water is up to his waist and another boat comes by and the guy tells him again, to get in. He responds that he has faith in God and God will give him a miracle. With the water at about chest high, another boat comes to rescue him, but he turns down the offer again because “God will grant him a miracle.”

With the water at chin high, a helicopter throws down a ladder and they tell him to get in, mumbling with the water in his mouth, he again turns down the request for help for the faith of God. He arrives at the gates of heaven with broken faith and says to St. Peter, “I thought God would grant me a miracle and I have been let down.” St. Peter chuckles and responds, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, we sent you three boats and a helicopter.”


The parents of a 14 and 16 year-old went on a trip for the weekend. They left early Friday morning and the boys were left alone. That evening the younger boy suggested they take their dad’s car, pick up some girls and go to a local disco. The 16 year-old boy could drive a bit but was too scared.

After some nagging he gave in and off they went. When they got back to the car, they noticed a huge dent in the rear of the car – someone must have bumped into the car and drove off.

Frantically they phoned friends to find a panel beater/spray painter to fix the car. Finally they found one. The car was fixed properly and they parked it back in the garage.

Their parents returned the next day but the boys were too terrified to say anything about the accident.

The father went to the garage, came back very amazed and said to the family, “A miracle has happened! A guy drove into the back of my car on Thursday and now it is fixed without a scratch!”