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P.S. Reverend Clark

October 13, 2011

I was in Southern California last weekend, and coming back on the airplane a young man sat beside me and in our conversation I asked if he was traveling home, or coming to the area on business. He smiled at me and said, “I’m going to propose to my girlfriend. It’s a surprise she doesn’t know I’m coming. Her aunt is having a family party, and she knows I’m coming, however no one else does. My parents are picking me up at the airport and then we’re all going to the party. After the surprise of my being there I plan to propose in front of everyone!” He did say that his girlfriend had told him she wanted a surprise proposal, sounds like she got one! I did ask him to send me an email and let me know how everything went, but I have not heard anything so far. Turns out he also is a minister. From my heart I wish these two a wonderful and joyous life together.

Hunter of Mysteries Experience – Advanced Healers Course

Location: Universal Church of the Master, 100 W. Rincon Ave #101, Campbell CA 95008

Time:10:00AM to 5:00PM, bring a bag lunch

Cost: $90 per class (10 classes)

Instructors: Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D. & Elizabeth A. Barton, CMT

Registration: Contact Elizabeth Barton at650.572.8850or

November 13, 2011 Sacred Geometry, Energy Grids, and Crystals

December 11, 2011 – The Energetics of Healing, Auras and Chakras

The last class is on July 15, 2012, please contact Rev. Felecia or Elizabeth for more information.

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Center for Creative Living

October 13, 2011

CCL Sunday Celebrations – October 16th

Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801

1460 Koll Circle, Suite C, SJ

Sunday Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Dress is casual and kids are welcome. Spiritual energies, food, hugs and music are lovingly available!

Carolyn Keyes and Rev. Janet Childs will be accompanying Rev. Doti’s guided meditation, with their amazing music. And Min. Ronnie Grigsby will be exciting us with his voice!

Childcare available with Joe Thompson.

Don’t miss the great hugs, food and loving community.

Choir practice from 1 to 3. Please join in song!

This coming Sunday the fascinating Victoria Rue, Div., Ph.D WomanPriest of the Roman Catholic Church will be telling her story: “Female Journey to Priesthood and Vatican Concerns.” Although the Catholic Church refuses to ordain woman priests, a group of women defied the order back in 2002, when seven were ordained in Germany by two Catholic bishops. Since then a movement to ordain women as Roman Catholic priests has gone international, as women ordained other women and created a wide network of “Roman Catholic Womenpriests,” as the movement calls itself.

Victoria Rue, M. Div., Ph.D., one such woman, a Roman Catholic WomanPriest, will be speaking at Sunday Celebration on Sunday October 16th. She will be telling her journey and the reaction of the movement for women priests and more. If you are interested in looking at this new movement – go to her web site: It is amazing how many women and some men are becoming Roman Catholic priests outside of the Vatican.

Jules Hart’s Award Winning Film “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican” is the story of the global movement for women priests in the Roman Catholic Church.
Center For Creative Living UCM #801


Thur. Oct. 13th7:00 to 9:00 DRUID WORKSHOP (5thof 7) Fifth Gift: Opening to Other Realities. Dr. Ayleen Augustine, D.C., M.T.

Mon. Oct. 17th – 6:00 to 9:00 – The Truth about Sleep. $10 with Michael Berry. An ongoing journey of reclaiming and restoring our body, spirit, planet, and everything else that’s important.

It seems that everywhere you look there are people facing death, or serious dis-ease, or deterioration of our lifestyle.

It’s time to change! The Big Picture offers you the tools to make it all happen.

Each ‘class’ can change your life and is part of a meta-class that can change the world.

We will meet most Mondays with topics posted in advance.

We suggest preregistration w/ phone # so we can advise you of changes.

6PM: The doors will open for registration & green tea.

6:20: Michael will share The Eight Silken Movements, an ancient form of moving mediation similar to Qigong and Tai Ji. {Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. has said that the cost of health care would be reduced 50% if everyone did the eight silken movements.}

7PM: the lecture and discussion will begin.

9PM: meta-class (Ask!)  Registration: [408] 509-0764

TUES. Oct. 18th6:45 to 8:45 Drum Circle with Norbeth Granado

Wed. Oct. 19th10 to 11:30a.m. Gentle YOGAwith Krishnapriya (Laura Marshall). Asanas (yoga poses), Pranayama (yoga breathing), meditation and chanting. 5 classes for $40 (Oct 19-Dec 14, excluding Nov. 2 & 23), includes an hour massage with Laura., drop in is $10 per class, first one always free. Please

Wed. Oct. 19th6:45 to 9:00

The Energy of Money. 5th of 6 sessions.

Wed. Oct. 26th12noon to 2:00Building a Day of the Dead Altar with Laura Marshall, Lupe Jurado, Emil De Guzman, and all other interested volunteers. Anyone having Day of the Dead artifacts, sculptures, flowers – we would love donations for this fantastic endeavor.

Center For Creative Living UCM #801

Metaphysical – Licentiate class – Open to the Public

$15.00 for one or $25. for two

Thurs. Oct. 20th7 to 9 Pendulum, Scrying, Séance and other ‘ol time spiritualist stuff with Rev. Doti Boon. A major structure of Spiritualism, the séance is a gathering of a small group of individuals who sit together to obtain paranormal manifestations or establish communication with the dead. At least one member of the group is usually a medium or at least possessed of some mediumistic powers. Learn more about it.

Learn how to scry using the pendulum and crystal ball. Scrying is used to find lost items or tell the future. Actually the pendulum is used to do endless tasks from telling you how many vitamin pill to take, which way to go, which item to buy to name of your spouse.

This will be a fun and interesting class. Rev. Doti is a real medium and has actually participated is several séances.

THURS. Nov. 3rd7 to 9 Automatic Writing with Rev. Doti. Automatic handwriting, or spirit writing, is an excellent way to get in touch with your High Level Spirit Guide and/or ancestors who have passed into spirit.

Love and Light,

Rev. Doti Boon