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Another Mountain Climbed

July 24, 2009

Mount Shasta 

First Edition of UCM Online Magazine!


Have you ever noticed when you are given the challenging opportunities of life that if you pray, meditate, and just trust your inner spirit that you are blessed by angels or an angel. Like so many non-profit and profit businesses in this climate UCM is facing some economic opportunities. We could choose to dig in entrench and become a part of a past generation, sort of like the dinosaurs or we could reach out retool and rethink who we are and what we represent. We chose the latter.

Reverend Kala Ambrose, of North Carolina has been creating new areas for us on our website. Many of you are following us on Twitter, chatting with us on Facebook and checking out the new UCM blog. We now have over 500 people receiving our spiritual messages from around the world, Australia, England, Asia and yes the US. Trustee Reverend Angela DeBry has been dialoguing with a Bishop in England, along with a young artist from Australia who sent her a tweet asking where we had been all her life. 

The most recent creation that Kala has woven for us is an online UCM magazine. The link is below, and this like our blog will be linked to the website.

 If you would like to contribute material to a future magazine, or place an advertisement please contact us at:

 Please join with me in prayers of thanks to Kala for her many hours of work and Love. Thank you, Kala. Remember there are angels and if you believe they appear in the most delightful way.

Here is the link to the magazine:


Reverend Sandy Clark, President