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Center for Creative Living

October 28, 2010

All are welcome to Sunday Celebrations at the Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801, at 1460 Koll Circle, Suite “C” – services in back. Need directions? Call (408)392-9090 or visit Sunday Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30am. Dress is casual and Kids are welcome. Spiritual energies, food, hugs and music are lovingly available!

Join Rev. April Lussier (Samhain/Hallowmas), Laura Marshall (Day of the Dead) and Rev. Doti Boon (present day Halloween) and the CCL choir as they celebrate this unique conjunction of Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Souls Day and Halloween. We will have brief spiritual explanations of the celebrations of this Autumnal holiday when the veil between the two realms is the thinnest.

We will be celebrating with tamales, and other festive goodies!

Please bring a picture of a deceased relative, or friend to place on our magnificent altar.

Metaphysical Classes at the Center.

$15.00 or two for $25. 7:00 to 9:00pm

Open to the public and mandatory for UCM Ministerial Students.

Thurs. November 4th –”The Science Called Hinduism” with Vanamali Devi

          Mother Vanamali will give a Hinduism 101 lecture with the underlying affirmation that all are aspects of the One, and the diversity is only for our mind’s benefit. Hinduism is seen as polytheistic. The new paradigm of acceptance that indeed we are all manifestations of the One power, the One light behind all creation.

          When asked about devotion Vanamali replied, “That is one of the hardest things to talk about!” So she took a charming approach to the subject:  why wisdom is a necessary prerequisite for deep devotion. Wisdom, she said, is the knowledge of what we would be devoted to, and without it, we become dogmatic and fanatical, focusing our energy not on our perception of God.

          Over time and by continuous practice, the thought that God is the Doer “superimposes itself onto the current attitudes of the mind – and then this way of seeing life becomes the living reality.”

          Vanamali Devi is here, in our area, from India for only a few days. She so graciously accepted out invitation to speak at Thursday night class. We are thrilled to present Vanamali Devi at CCL and would appreciate your attendance!

Center Happenings

Sunday Celebrations – Every Sunday 10am to 11:30.

Thurs. Oct. 28th 7:00 to 9:00 The Seven Gifts with Dr. Ayleen Augustine. Join Dr. Ayleen for an amazing journey that covers all basic aspects of druidic traditions and opens doors into practicing modern day Druidry. This 7-part series of classes will explore the Seven Gifts of Druidry and how these gifts can deepen your connection to and working with Earth-based energies.

Dr. Ayleen, in addition to her training as a chiropractor, is a massage therapist and is also certified as a Reiki and Matrix practitioner. Class dates: 10/28, 11/11, 12/9, 1/13/11, 1/27/11. To register: call (408) 372-2840.

Cost: $25.00 per session for general public and $20.00 per session for Divine Events members and CCL church members.

Fri. Oct. 29th 5:30 to 7:00 Day of the Dead Altar Decorating. Please join Laura, Lupe, Maria, Beth and many more wonderful folks as they decorate for this amazing holiday.

Fri. Oct. 29th 7:00 to 8:30 CCL Choir will be practicing their Day of the Dead song.

Sat. Oct. 30th 8:30 doors open 8:45 instruction begins. Ends at 5:30.


With Michael Berry

            It’s been said that Michael, “has the hands of a God.” Reclaiming touch – the oldest form of healing.

          You will learn basic full body form of massage, designed to nurture body and spirit:

          1. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Know when you can massage and when not to.

          2. BODY MECHANICS: Which feels better: palm, fingers, hand, or forearm? Learn to use what and when. Use your own body gently and safely, don’t become a wounded healer.

          3. SAFE EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUES: Long or short strokes, circular or kneading, no pressure or deep tissue? Techniques you can utilize with family and friends.

          4. GENTLE MASSAGE: Take this class for yourself; learn how to touch gently while restoring peace and harmony to your body through gentle massage.

          5. HEALTH BENEFITS: The benefits of massage are well documented from releasing those feel-good endorphins, stimulating blood flow, relaxing tight muscles and generally improving the body’s equilibrium to aiding lymphatic drainage and releasing toxins.

Cost: $75, early bird special is $50, if paid by October 28th.

To reserve your space – contact Michael Berry at (408)509-0764

Mon. Nov. 1st 5:00 to 6:15 – “How to Achieve Massive Personal and Professional Success Through Huna,” a 6-week teleseminar series to transformation. Spiritually-mind people who want to achieve personal and/or professional massive transformation and success. Contact Chris Kahl or Julie Hawkins.

Mon. Nov. 1st 7:30 to 9:00 – GENTLE YOGA with the delightful Krishanpriya (Laura Marshall), certified Yoga instructor. You will be doing specific asanas (poses) that benefit a part of the back. Magical Ones reviewed each session to round out practice. Pranayama (Breathing) exercises – and Guided Meditation in every class Cost is $100 for the set, $60 for 5, $15 drop in. FIRST CLASS FREE

Tues. Nov. 2nd 6:30 to 8:30 DRUMMING with Norbeth, Dr. Ayleen and Friends. Bring your drum or use one of ours – Donation

Don’t Forget to Vote Today!

Sat. Nov. 6th Planning Committee for 20th annual THANKSGIVING ON THE BEACH! Join us as we talk about our 20th annual T’Day at Seacliff Beach. We need volunteers, helpers, cooks and joyful singers for this awesome event. Last year we ate, watched pelicans saw dolphins and marveled at 52 different breeds of dogs on leashes!

Sun. Nov. 7th DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ENDS! Turn your clock back.

Sat. Nov. 13th CCL is having an OPEN HOUSE! Watch out for more information next week.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Nov. 25th THANKSGIVING DAY at Seacliff Beach! Party starts at 11:00 and Feasting begins at 1:00. Join the CCL group as we play games, sing songs, have fun, eat turkey, watch pelicans, laugh at the dolphins and enjoy the day. Bring your family, friends and dog on a leash. Call to reserve (408)392-9090.

Love and Light,

           Rev. Doti Boo

‘When You’re Down to Nothing God is Up to Something’