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Prayer Requests

May 27, 2009

We are happy to take all your prayer requests.  Each prayer will be put in our sacred clay prayer bowl as well as read here by our members who include them in their prayer work.

Our sacred clay prayer bowl was donated to UCM several years ago by Reverend’s Tom and Mary Garry. It was created by the skilled potter, Tom Krempa of Snohomish, WA., who had offered to create a vessel to serve as a depository for prayer requests and healing intentions.

Spirit was invited, through prayer and meditation, to join in creating the prayer bowl. The names of God, the angelic kingdom, saints, prophets, and avatars, including all other beings of enlightenment, named or unnamed, were written on the thinnest paper, torn in separate pieces, and fired with the clay into the pot.

We believe repeated use of sacred spaces and sacred intentions have frequently shown wonderful results. Spirit told us, ‘Intentions placed in the bowl will receive prayerful attention, from the faithful on both sides of the veil, as long as the need exists.’

To have your prayer request entered in the Prayer Bowl, enter your prayer request in the comment form below.  These comments will be retrieved by ministers at U.C.M. and placed in the prayer bowl each week.