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P S from Reverend Clark:

July 30, 2010

Dove Update: I find it hard to believe, but when I arrived at the office Monday, what did I discover but the two baby doves still in the patio area; and they are still here today! In addition the parents of these two are again nesting in the same nest these two came out of! They sit on the top of the fence, or at the moment they are under one of the benches on the ground. I was concerned they could not fly, but mom calls them to the top of the fence and up they fly! I am thinking perhaps mom knew she needed the nest right away, and encouraged them to leave the nest a little early. They are still being fed by mom and dad and if you could not tell, I am delighted they are still here!

Larry Allen, the photographer who has his studio in the front of our building came over last week and took the picture below.


Thank you Larry for letting me share your photo.

Our summer issue of the UCM Magazine is now online. You can access our magazine by using the following link, or go to our website and click on the magazine cover on our home page. Enjoy!


We ask that you subscribe, there is no charge, and it helps us get more recognition. We encourage you to send us your articles. The deadline for submitting articles for our next issue is September 1, 2010. Articles need to be in Word Format along with a bio and a jpg head shot picture, and sent to or

The Fall Issue will be focused on the practical application of spirituality in your everyday life. You do not have to be a member of UCM to submit an article. Articles should be approximately 800 – 900 words. Pictures for the article should be sent separately, jpeg is preferred but not mandatory. We also ask for a short bio of yourself and picture if you would like.

There is also ad space available. Prices are as follows: ¼ page $25.00, ½ page $50.00, ¾ page $75.00 and full page $100.00. Please send copy in digital format to the above emails.

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