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A Joyful Noise!

May 27, 2011

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Vol. 10 pg 21 (05-26-11) THE RAPTURE


I am excited about living my life.


(Used by permission)

          Greetings from Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., UCM Trustee

I notice the media covering Minister Harold Camping’s failed prediction of the Rapture and the Apocalypse created quite a stir among his congregation and the public.

It seems to me you have to be very careful when you attempt to speak for God. What a tremendous responsibility to take on. I even have trouble sometimes speaking for myself!

Nonetheless, setting a specific date for such cataclysmic events invites all kinds of reactions:  those from fear, anticipation, rejection, and so on. And what happens when the date passes with no rapture for the ‘chosen ones’ or the calamity for those left behind.

Consider that had Minister Camping been right, how many throngs of people ‘left behind’ would beat a path to his door. And that he was wrong, how many people either still believed in him or mocked him. Right or wrong, he drew tremendous attention to himself.

Whether he was right or not, any true spiritual teacher would first and foremost ask you to look into your heart of hearts and find your strength within. A spiritual teacher would have you:

  • Look beyond yourself by looking within
  • Look beyond (exceed) the teacher’s teachings with inner awareness, not just intellectuality
  • Help you to empower your direct connection to God

Perhaps the word “God” has been so misused and tread upon as the responsible being for our sorrows, that we lost the meaning. I can only speak of my own, limited understanding.

All That Is, whether you are a shaman, imam, priest, druid, is the unity consciousness of all things. Ancient peoples appear to have had a much better grasp in their consciousness than we in the current era, but we are also waking up.

We are waking up to know that these ancient peoples spoke of something greater than themselves, meaning their egoic attachment to the self that is doing the acting. They spoke of increasing your already existing connection to all nature (consciousness), and that you are the collaborator of your manifestations in this life.

To take ownership is to take personal responsibility for yourself and your actions. It is not to give your power away to predictions like raptures, apocalypses and 2012 phenomena, but to prepare within yourself the direct knowing (God within you).

In my way of understanding the Universe, there are an infinite number of raptures and 2012’s that will come and go. The difference in all of this is you, and how you choose to react to the situation at hand. So many of us have given our power away to others, to institutions, to governments, to corporations – and this really is the time of the great awakening, the ‘great purification’ as the Hopi‘s call it.

Look at all the attention being given to 2012 – do you think the opportunity to grow in one’s consciousness is limited only to those who are ‘saved’? Or is this era of our living a tremendous opportunity for inner growth, to make the inner transformation, and it is a continual process, not an event.

2012 will come and go. The Rapture will come and go as an infinite series of ongoing opportunities for inner growth and awareness of the presence of God, Oneness, Divine Creator, The All, Nature, and Cosmic Consciousness:  call it what you will.

Empower yourself by taking the risk to go within: defeat fear and doubt with a ferocious amount of faith that you are the Oneness; it is you. Maintain practices that strengthen your inner awareness and confidence to see things as they are. Practice compassion and harmlessness, and balance that with great moral and ethical inner strength to do the right thing when called upon.

Then every moment will be the rapture; every moment will constitute you a self-empowered, ever-self realizing being of light.

In Love and In Service,

Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.


Rapture Jokes

I was looking forward to the rapture.  Ah well, it’s not the end of the world.

The New York Police Department stated:  “We don’t plan any additional coverage for the end of the world. Indeed, if it happens, fewer officers will be required for streets that presumably will be empty.” The NYPD has a sense of humor. Who would have guessed?