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Reverend April Lussier, B.T.

April 16, 2010

Blessings dear Sisters,
     Wow what an amazing Goddess Retreat we had this past weekend. The Sacred work was powerful and transforming for all in its perfect way. The fairies, Merlin, the individual Goddess and Gaia all gifted us with deep wisdom and healing. It was indescribably wonderful.
      So I wanted to encourage you to mark your calendars for the future GSR in hopes you too can experience the GSR magic

 Fall:    Oct 8-10, 2010

2011 Dates: Spring: April 15-17, 2011    Fall: Oct 7-9, 2011

Beltane Sabbath    Sunday May 2, 2010    6:30 pm

Location: 895 Le Compte Pl San Jose 95122 Our Gatherings takes place in an enclosed patio.    Cost: $20.  What to bring: an open heart, snack to share after the ceremony, rattle or drum (optional), shawl for over your shoulders in the cool night air

 Upcoming Sabbat Dates (dates subject to change)

Summer Solstice     Sat. June 19, 2010*

Lammas                      Sun. Aug 1, 2010*

Mabon                     Sun. Sept 19, 2010

Hallowmas               Sat. .Oct 30, 2010

Yule                         Sun.  Dec 19, 2010

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